Liz is an experienced watercolour artist with a talent for capturing the character and personality of your pet. As an animal lover Liz is well aware that each pet has its own personality, and it is that individuality that Liz aims to bring out in her portraits.

As a painting of your pet is so personal, payment is not normally taken unless you are totally satisfied with the end product.

Photography Tips

I will strive to capture the character and personality of your pet through the photographs which you will provide. Therefore, it is very important that the photograph captures how you wish your pet to be portrayed. You may wish your pet to be looking calm and relaxed or alert, but please remember that the photograph you choose will be almost identical to the finished portrait.

I do not require a professional photograph to work from, however, you may need patience and time to produce the best shot.

  • The most important thing when taking the photo is that you are on the same level as your pet and that the head and shoulders are well in view, in focus and in the middle of the frame.
  • The best photographs are taken in natural daylight, without too much direct sunlight
  • It is best not to use flash photography.
  • Take a number of shots from different angles, it doesn’t matter whether you choose a full face, three-quarter view or a profile.
  • Take numerous shots and discard the majority!

Contact Liz

Telephone: 07976 820 508